Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage, or champissage is albeit an ancient craft but it is ideally suited to the needs of modern times. The level of relaxation that it is possible to achieve has to be seen, or experienced, to be believed. Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity and it is ideally suited to being offered as much in the workplace as the home, salon or clinic.

Indian head massage treatment is becoming very popular in the West and has advantages over other massage treatments for the following reasons:

Clients do not have to remove their clothes, unless they want to

It can be carried out almost anywhere

It can be carried out within a relatively short space of time compared to other holistic treatments

The massage can be performed with or without oils or creams

Little equipment is required therefore it is an economical treatment to carry out.

I qualified in Indian head massage via the fantastic School of Natural Health Sciences.

The price is £25 for a 45 min treatment. Exceedingly good value for total relaxation guaranteed!!